Overview of xloops mailing lists

List Archive Purpose
<xloops-list at thep dot physik dot uni-mainz dot de>
Archives This public list is for all kinds of general discussions related to xloops. It is unmoderated and open to anyone to subscribe.
<xloops-devel at thep dot physik dot uni-mainz dot de>
Archives This list is for developers of xloops. It is unmoderated and open to anyone to subscribe. Messages in English language only, please! We ask everyone on the list to keep the traffic low. For general discussions, arguments, unarrested flame-wars and beginner's questions there is the mailing list xloops-list.
<xloops-cvs at thep dot physik dot uni-mainz dot de>
Archives This list automatically records CVS commits into the xloops tree. It is unmoderated and open to anyone to subscribe. Note that Reply-To is set to xloops-devel.

Messages to any of the lists in English language only, please. In particular, don't post in German! The general rules how to ask questions the smart way all apply. You have to be subscribed to a list in order to post messages to it.

How to subscribe / unsubscribe

To subscribe to a list, click on the list name in the table above to access the list info page and follow the instructions. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. After confirmation, you will receive another email containing a password. With this password, you can configure your subscription (to set digest mode, for example), and also unsubscribe from the list.

Our policy

Our lists accept commercial advertising for payment. Please send your donation of 1000 Euro or more to one of the xloops developers. One donation per advertisement, please. If you don't wish to donate, simply post your advertisement to the list, and the operator of the mailing lists will bill you 1999 Euro. The list operator will donate this amount to the xloops group, minus the expense of collecting it. By the act of posting your advertisement you agree to accept responsibility for the fee, you agree to indemnify the mailing-list operator against any legal claims from you or others in connection with your advertisement, and you agree to pay any legal and business expenses incurred in collecting late payment. Our liability to you is limited to a good-faith effort to deliver your message.