xloops requires two software components that may not be part of your standard installation:

  1. GiNaC
    For algebraic calculations, xloops uses the C++ symbolic computation library GiNaC, which in turn builds upon the numeric library CLN.
  2. nestedsums
    The nestedsums library is used by xloops for the symbolic expansion of certain transcendental functions.

Download xloops

There are two different ways to download xloops:

  1. Stable release: xloops 0.1.3
    This is an old release that doesn't support two-loop calculations.
  2. Development version: xloops CVS
    We provide read-only CVS access to our repository. Note that this gives you "bleeding edge" code that may not even compile!
    $ cvs -d login
    enter the password ‘anoncvs
    $ cvs -d -z 9 co xloops
    A web interface to the CVS repository is also available.

Please read the file INSTALL for installation instructions. Good luck!