Theory of Renormalization and Regularization

Conference held at Hesselberg Academy, 

Hesselberg, Franken (Bavaria)

Evang.-Luth. Volkshochschule Hesselberg, 91726 Gerolfingen

24 February 2002 - 1 March 2002

Organized by E. Vogt (FU Berlin), R. Nest (Univ. Copenhagen), and F. Scheck (Univ. Mainz)

Aims and purpose of the meeting

This conference, organized jointly and attended by a group of mathematicians and theoretical physicists, was part of a continuing series of workshops and conferences held every three years at the Hesselberg Academy. This year's conference was devoted to mathematical aspects of quantum field theory and to topical research in modern quantum field theory. For this reason, some of the lectures are of introductory and pedagogical nature whose aim is to get acquainted with some basic notions and to develop notations and conventions, while others go deep into specific topics of present-day research in quantum field theory.

Editorial and copyright matters

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The meeting was generously sponsored by the VolkswagenStiftung (Symposienprogramm der Volkswagenstiftung) whose support we gratefully acknowledge.
We also thank the crew of the Evang.-Luth. Volkshochschule Hesselberg for providing a wonderful environment for fruitful scientific exchange.

Lecture Notes 

I. Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Field Theory

  1. Ryszard Nest (Copenhagen) and Florian Scheck (Mainz):  Preliminaries
  2. Andrés Reyes (Mainz): Quantized Free Fields, Examples
  3. Wolfgang Marten (Braunschweig): Scattering in Quantum Field Theory
  4. Christian Pöselt (Mainz): The Method of Epstein and Glaser I
  5. Alexander Alldridge (Marburg): The Method of Epstein and Glaser II *
  6. Wend Werner (Münster): Feynman Graphs *
  7. Ralf Meyer (Münster): Dimensional Regularization
  8. Manfred Salmhofer (Leipzig): Perturbative Renormalizability of phi^3_6 by Renormaliztaion Group Differential Equations
  9. Tomaš Kopf (Opava): Bogoliubov-Parasuk-Hepp-Zimmermann Method, Forest Formula *
  10. Rainer Häußling (Mainz): Action Principle and Zimmermann Identities
  11. Klaus Sibold (Leipzig): Ward Identities: The Realization of Symmetries in Perturbative Quantum Field Theory **
  12. Florian Scheck (Mainz): Radiative Corrections Confronted with Experiment

II. Topical Research in Modern Quantum Field Theory

  1. Ryszard Nest (Copenhagen)and Eberhard Gerbracht (Braunschweig):  Feynman Graphs and Hopf Algebras (2 lectures) *
  2. Ralf Holtkamp (Bochum): Feynman Graphs and Hopf Algebras: Renormalization as Birkhoff Decomposition
  3. Mario Paschke (Mainz): Quantization of Yang-Mills Theories I
  4. Volker Bach (Mainz): Quantization of Yang-Mills Theories II
  5. Elisabeth Kraus (Bonne): Anomalies in Quantum Field Theories: Properties and Characterization
  6. Tobias Hurth (CERN): Quantum Noether Method: Global Symmetries in the Epstein-Glaser Framework
  7. Raymond Stora (Annecy/CERN): Pedagogical Experiments in Renormalized Perturbation Theory 
  8. Raimar Wulkenhaar (Vienna/Leipzig): Quantum Field Theories on Noncommutative R^4 versus Theta-expanded Quantum Field Theories
  9. Michael Duetsch (Göttingen): The Master Ward Identity: A Universal Formulation of Classical Symmetries. Can they be realized in perturbative Quantum Field Theory?
  10. Martin Reuter (Mainz): Is Quantum Einstein Gravity nonperturbatively renormalizable?

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