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Social Program

The social program will take place on Friday afternoon and evening.

Visit of the Kupferberg Terrace and Mainz Old Town

Looking down from the Kupferberg Terrace you have the magnificent view of the city lying below. At the end of the Terrace is the Kupferberg Sparkling Wine Cellar with its seven-storey caves and remarkable art-nouveau salon.

There will be the opportunity for a short guided tour to famous sites in Mainz, such as the Dom. St. Martin’s Cathedral is the principal image of Mainz. The Dom was built in 975 by Archbishop Willigis and in the course of the centuries has experienced many fires and destruction and numerous re-constructions. As the site for the coronation of German kings, the Mainzer Dom is a monument to Imperial history.

Another must-see is the Church of St. Stephan’s. This Gothic hall church was constructed between 1260 and 1340. Second in size only to the cathedral, it is the city’s largest church and as such is sometimes referred to as “the second Dom”. The famous Chagall Windows have caused this church to become a major tourist attraction which draw about 200,000 visitors each year from all over the world.

More information is available at Mainz Online: Sightseeing.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place at the Heilig-Geist-Spital – or Hospital of the Holy Spirit – which is located near the cathedral. When it was built in 1236, it served as a way station for pilgrims and housing for the poor, elderly and sick. In the course of the years, the Heilig Geist has been used for a great variety of purposes. Today it hosts a restaurant with historical ambience.