The event generator DJANGOH simulates deep inelastic lepton-nucleon scattering including both QED and QCD radiative effects. DJANGOH contains the Monte Carlo program HERACLES and an interface of HERACLES to LEPTO. The use of HERACLES allows to take into account the complete one-loop electroweak radiative corrections and radiative scattering. The LUND string fragmentation as implemented in the event simulation program JETSET is used to obtain the complete hadronic final state. At low hadronic mass, SOPHIA is used instead of LEPTO. DJANGOH comprises the programs (formerly kept separately) DJANGO6 and HERACLES. The interface is to version 6.5.1 of LEPTO.
Author and maintenance: H. Spiesberger
Major contributions from T. Martini, K. Charchula, H.-J. Möhring, A. Kwiatkowski and G. A. Schuler.

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